Software system for planning and managing the production of corrugated cardboard goods

Opti-Corrugated is the leading software tool in Russia for planning and managing the production of corrugated cardboard goods. The system unites commercial and production departments of an enterprise, ensures “just-in-time” execution of orders and enables reducing production costs.
The system was developed using advanced software development technologies together with complex mathematical models and optimization algorithms. It includes the best solutions and practices for automation of corrugated cardboard mills.

The Opti-Corrugated system allows to solve the following tasks:

Sales management

  • Order, suppliers and customer tracking
  • Supplier and customer relations management
  • New box types development tracking
  • Price calculation for each type of boxes
  • Automatic planning of sales and goods shipment

Pre-production preparation

  • Step-by-step design of new types of boxes based on internal dimensions
  • Technological charts for each type of boxes with personal charts for each Customer
  • History of changes to technological charts
  • Different production routes
  • Support of FEFCO and GOST standards
  • Integration with graphics packages
  • Optimization of goods placement on pallets

Prints and stamps tracking

Equipment management

  • Preventive maintenance planning
  • Optimization of equipment uptime

Cash flow accounting

  • Accounting of payments
  • Accounting of settlements with suppliers

Procurement management

  • Accounting of cardboard and paper by rolls ID
  • Material procurement planning

Inventory Management

    • Warehouse accounting of materials
    • Materials reservation
    • Inventory control

Product costs calculation

  • Calculation of the standard cost of goods
  • Different costing schemes

Automatic optimal production planning

  • Automatic sales planning
  • Optimal long-term volume planning
  • Automatic determination of production launch time
  • Automatic daily planning of corrugators
  • Automatic daily planning of processing lines
  • Operation schedule for corrugators and processing lines
  • Optimization of cutting on corrugators by brands, compositions of raw materials, phantoms
  • Automatic daily planning of processing lines
  • Automatic scheduling of corrugators and processing lines operation
  • Optimization of raw materials use on corrugators

Production management

  • Workplace of corrugator operator
  • Integration with corrugators
  • On-line monitor of corrugator operation
  • Workplace of processing lines operator
  • On-line monitoring of processing lines operation
  • Automatic event recording (downtime, shutdowns)

Quality control

  • Quality control of incoming paper and board
  • Quality certificates for semi-finished and finished products
  • Claims handling

Shipments management

  • Shipments scheduling
  • Transport planning
  • Mathematical optimization of goods loading into transport


  • Reducing the manufactured goods costs by 5..10%
  • Increasing the equipment uptime by 3..4%
  • Reducing raw materials losses by 1.5..4%
  • Reducing unproductive equipment downtime by 5..8%
  • Reducing warehouse volumes by 10%
  • “Just-in-time” production of goods
  • The system is developed jointly with corrugated cardboard producers and for corrugated cardboard producers
  • Intuitive interface and complete adaptation for Customer processes allow starting the practical use of the System very quickly
  • Support of multi-user mode with various functions and access rights
  • Support of direct connection to process equipment for data input and equipment control