Inline moisture content systems

These developed and manufactured instruments’ purpose is to measure the moisture content in wood and construction materials as well as machine strength grading systems to determine the strength class and stiffness of wood.

These are professional instruments. The instruments comply with international requirements and standards. With a worldwide network of competent agents and dealers our customers can be sure of expert advice and the best service.

Types of inlines


The FMI-6 Takt inline moisture meter STOP & GO system is the alternative after the withdrawal of the Hydromat DMT 8 of Gann and the takt system of Bess Bollman from the market


The FMI-5 inline moisture meter system is a 100% new development with the latest microprocessor and sensor technology. It is the successor of the well-known FMI-3 and FMI-4 inline moisture meter systems


The FMI-4 system is the latest development. It is developed as the most versatile and fastest in-line moisture content measuring system ever and measures up to 300 pieces a minute


The glulam industry demands the highest accuracy when it comes to moisture content measurement. The first FMI system was approved in 2001. As a result the FMI systems can be applied to determine the moisture content of wood in the glulam industry.