3D scanner designed to work as an automatic means of log measurements  in automatic sorting lines of round timber, sawing optimization systems and log recording systems. VEKTOR 3D consists of a system of cameras and laser markers, placed at an angle to each other. On the log surface lasers creates a line visible on the frames of the video cameras and forming a complete outline of log cross-section.


The FMI-5 inline moisture meter system is a 100% new development with the latest microprocessor and sensor technology. It is the successor of the well-known Brookhuis FMI-3 and FMI-4 inline moisture meter systems.

IMPS-4400 is an Instant Moisture Profiling System (IMPS)

The IMPS-4400 provides the most advanced level of moisture profiling currently available. Using the non-contact Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement Technology in an arrayed framework allows the IMPS-4400 to deliver the complete picture of your products’  moisture composition.

Opti-Wood a modern decision-support system

Opti-Wood is designed for use at wood harvesting enterprises as a production optimization tool for planning, management and control. Opti-Wood is not an accounting system, but integrates with accounting systems of the Customer.