Professional services

Inspekto products are designed with end user independence in mind using a do-it-yourself approach. However, we are here to help, if you want us to, with a comprehensive set of professional services at your disposal.

Technical support

Already using Inspekto, but need some technical support? We’ve got your back. We have remote or on-site support to help you with any technical or inspection challenge.

Use case verification

On-site, on-production line assessment of successful implementation of Inspekto system to your specific QA need.
Within a working day, you will know the results.

Operational support

Don’t have the time or resources to set up and implement the Inspekto system? No problem. Our team can do all of that for you, whether you are installing it for the first time or you need to set it up for a new challenge.

Installation & Training

The Inspekto system is autonomous, which means installing it is easy and doesn’t require machine vision or programming experience and expertise. Yet, if you prefer, we could be on-site for a smooth installation and for training your team.

Special line integration

For any connection you may need to integrate the Inspekto system with, such as your PLC, we can help.

Profile optimization

Our professional team can help with periodical optimization of the inspection profile (adding & removing samples, enhancing accuracy of range of interest, etc.) to ensure optimal performance and make inspection even better.

UC specific AI training

The Inspekto system and its AMV-AI technology is designed for success in a very wide variety of applications and use cases. However, in some complex inspection scenarios, additional training of the AI engines can improve inspection results dramatically. This includes reducing false alerts and increasing identification of defects. For these special cases, we are able to build a designated AI model.