Marking system

With the Brookhuis FMI systems the moisture content of every single piece of wood is measured and compared to user set limiting values. Depending on the type of FMI system as well as the operating software or firmware, marking systems or indicating systems can be connected.

FMI Report III

FMI Report III is software to collect and store moisture data of Brookhuis inline moisture meters. The software automatic generates batch wise reports and can store the moisture data of single boards to a linked SQL database. The software enables the possibility to optimize the production process, reduce costs and improve quality. 


Products and codes


Ring for drykiln pin

133.115 (15mm), 133.125 (25mm), 133.140 (40mm), 133.160 (60mm)

Drykiln pin

135.203 (10m), 135.205 (15m), 135.209 (25m), 135.233 (10m), 135.235 (15m)

Measuring cable 85°C incl. banana plug, Measuring cable 150°C incl. banana plug

235.201 (85°C), 235.301 (150°C), 235.302 (260°C)

Measuring cable (per metre)


257.511, 257.512

Banana plug – V2A stainless steel plug, Banana plug Teflon grip