Nethix Cloud

The Cloud service, offered by Nethix, provides the remote control and monitoring in real-time of unattended sites. Through GPRS, UMTS and LTE connections, Nethix Cloud collects data and information from all devices deployed on the field and make them available on a central monitoring station in an intuitive and complete visualization.

The reliability of Nethix Cloud service is granted by a secure communication channel, established according to standard encryption protocols.

The communication between the server and each device can take place in an Always-on or On-Demand modality, according to the specific application’s requirements. It also allows the extensive data exchange using standard encryption protocols (such as HTTPS), while the data reading can be made in real-time by a client connected to the net through any browser (via PC, Tablet or Smartphone).

There are no obligations for the localisation of the server, client and remote control and monitoring devices. For extensive systems and installations the Portal can be customized according to the specific requirements of the application and hosted by Nethix “data center”.

The centralized management of the devices on Nethix Cloud provides great benefits to the users:

  • Reduction of the time required for the monitoring and control of all deployed devices
  • Possibility of configuring and controlling serveral devices at the same time
  • Guaranteed secure communication, thanks to the used encryption protocols
  • Availability of all acquired data, in a very clear and intuitive visualization.