Moisture measurement

At Brookhuis we all come to work every day to improve the process of our customers constantly. This with an attitude of improving ourselves, improving our products and improving our standards.

We are proud to have a global footprint, serving triple A. For instance, Brookhuis sold over 10,000 moisture content systems worldwide, developed world’s first and meanwhile most used real-time particle deposition monitoring system and world’s first internal crack detector.

With the main features being reproducible measuring results thanks to the application of special measuring electronics and simple operation due to thought-out design, the moisture equipment are widely known and used overseas in the wood construction industry.


Sensortech Systems, Inc. is the trusted name in moisture measurement and control. Incorporated in 1983 Sensortech has become the global leader in applied moisture measurement technologies for over 30 years. Our instruments can be found in numerous industries throughout the world providing productivity enhancing benefits yielding effective process control and quality assurance. Sensortech’s success is due to our leading edge manufacturing processes, comprehensive testing and quality control standards, diverse range of applications and superior customer support. We are a full design, development and manufacturing facility specializing in Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Through our expertise in both disciplines of moisture measurement technologies we apply the correct instrumentation to your process. With Sensortech you know you are getting what you need where you need it.  

Through our expertise in both near infrared resonance (NIR) and radio frequency (RF) disciplines of applied moisture measurement technologies, we apply the correct technology to your manufacturing process. With Sensortech Systems, you can be assured you know you are getting what you need where you need it.