Moisture measurement

Sensortech products

Sensortech Systems, Inc. is the trusted name in moisture measurement and control. Incorporated in 1983 Sensortech has become the global leader in applied moisture measurement technologies for over 30 years. Their instruments can be found in numerous industries throughout the world providing productivity enhancing benefits yielding effective process control and quality assurance. Sensortech’s success is due to their leading edge manufacturing processes, comprehensive testing and quality control standards, diverse range of applications and superior customer support. They are a full design, development and manufacturing facility specializing in Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

Brookhuis products

Brookhuis manufactures professional instruments. These instruments comply with international requirements and standards. Brookhuis maintains a worldwide service network of competent agents and dealers, which ensures the training of their customer’s staff and the maximum return on customer’s investment. As market leader in the timber and woodworking industry , Brookhuis enjoys an excellent reputation. With more than 50 years of experience Brookhuis is a reliable partner, converting your requirements and desires into high-quality products.