RF Technology

Sensortech’s patented line of RF Moisture Management Technologies use Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurements and have been the standard of excellence for over 30 years. Many of these sophisticated instruments perform in the harshest environments including temperatures up to 1000°F (537°C).

The RF Instruments


The ST 3300 is the next generation of process moisture measurement and control. Sensortech’s patented radio frequency measurement principle enhanced by all-digital phase lock loop signal conditioning presents a radically improved standard of resolution and stability.


The PackMoist Laboratory Moisture Tester uses Radio Frequency Dielectric Technology to provide an accurate moisture measurement of 20 cigarettes in their finished state of production.


The product glides on the sealed Teflon or ceramic surface of the sensor where the moisture measurement is taken. A digital output of the Processor Unit is used to control the fill and purge method of sampling.


The product enters a sampling tray or chamber where the moisture measurement is taken. The sensor is fixed in place using the flange and is placed in critical points throughout your production process.


The product passes underneath the sensor where the moisture measurement is taken. The sled hangs from hinged arms allowing it to maintain a parallel position to the conveyor and to level the product for consistent measurement. construction materials.


The product flows through the pipeline where the moisture measurement is taken. The Application Interface is made up of a pipe with attached sensor electronics that is integrated into the pipeline framework of the production process.


The product passes over the sensor where the moisture measurement is taken. The open-frame minimizes buildup of debris by allowing excess product to fall through it and is commonly used for applications having extreme temperatures, excessive vibration, or other harsh environments.


Portable moisture testers satisfy a variety of needs across the spectrum of manufacturing industries. For more than 30 years Sensortech has been the standard of excellence in RF moisture testing and the latest version of the PMT-330 continues that tradition.


The IMPS-4400 provides the most advanced level of moisture profiling currently available. Using the non-contact Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement Technology in an arrayed framework allows the IMPS-4400 to deliver the complete picture of your products’ moisture composition.


Sensortech’s ST-2200A Moisture Measurement and Control System is designed for continuous monitoring of moisture composition in harsh environments where extreme temperatures, severe vibration, and excessive dust or debris typically exclude the use of other methods of moisture measurement.