IoT solutions for neXT generation


Being the natural evolution of the range WE FAMILY, the devices of the neXT FAMILY offer a cutting-edge hardware, able to fulfill the ever changing requirements of the market, and grant higher compatibility, supporting several communication protocols. High-end solutions that make the communication man-to-machine simplier and more efficient.

Mini IoT Module with Programmable I/O

WE111-WE112-WE113-WE114 acquire signals from the field and deliver them to an external platform; they set and manage alarms and/or actions based on preconfigured events. Through the integrated Web interface it’s easy to configure the system functions according to each specific application.

IoT Module with Expandable and Programmable I/O

WE151 and WE152 are the ideal solution for small installations. The compact dimensions and the I/O on board allow an advanced management of the acquired parameters through the integrated Web Interface.
The supported Modbus protocol makes the integration with other devices of the plant easier.