Inspekto s70

All-inclusive industrial QA product

The INSPEKTO S70 is a fully equipped out-of-the-box industrial inspection product with unprecedented simplicity & immediacy.

It combines a unique electro-optics system with Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-AI) technology automating industrial quality assurance.

An edge device, easy and quick to deploy – requires no project.

Inspects a plenitude of use cases and scenarios

The Inspekto S70 can inspect products and parts in endless situations – as is!
No need of tailoring the system to the specific use case.

A variety of industries; a wealth of manufacturing process; different materials, inspected for different reasons and handled in a host of methods.


  • Automotive
  • Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Consumer goods
  • And more…

Inspecion types

  • Assembly verification
  • Surface verification
  • Existence/absence of components
  • Alignment of components
  • Integrity of parts
  • And more ……

Production processes

  • Plastic injection molding
  • Metal casting
  • Coating
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Material removal
  • Incoming goods
  • Packing and labeling

Deployment scenarios

  • Integrated to the production line
  • Stand alone station
  • Mobile system
  • Centrally controlled


  • Moving
  • Ststionary
  • Robot/ Cobot integrated
  • Manual


  • Agile quality assurance
  • Flexible production enabler (industry 4.0)
  • Immediate QA response
  • Incoming goods/ parts

Redefines quality inspection

Risk free

  • Proof of inspection within a day & before you buy
  • Easily transferable across the shop floor


  • Predictable
  • Low Total cost of ownership
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Minimal resources to deploy


  • Supports multiple inspection use cases
  • Inspects multiple products in the one installation


  • Autonomously adapts to changing conditions
  • Industrial grade hardware
  • Accounts for vibrations

High performance

  • Accurate & reliable
  • Scalable


  • From box to inspection in 45 minutes

Easy to use

  • No machine vision expertise needed
  • Fully contained out-of-the box solution
  • Easy to install


  • Industry 4.0, ERP, MES, PLC, edge computing ready

Immediacy & simplicity!

From un-boxing to inspection in a day
No machine vision or AI expertise; No onsite AI training
Only 20 to 30 good (OK) samples; No defected (NOK) samples

A simple 3 steps to inspection:

Step 1: Unbox

Step 2: Mount in location

Step 3: Easy & quick Setup