Print Quality

This printer uses HP cartridges, which have these advantages:

Super-sharp print quality – can print bar codes of very small characters, as small as 1mm.

Efficiency – limited downtime as simply changing the cartridge fixes most problems.

Flexibility – switch colours or ink types easily.

Up to 6 Heads

The Elfin VI printer runs up to 6 heads, and can print over 3″ or 75mm.

The heads can be grouped according to the user’s requirements, which is useful for sawmills running splits on a planning line, or for printing across boards on a grading line in several places.

Single or 2-head versions are available for smaller designs.


Built in China, this brand of printer offers the optimum in terms of affordability and quality. It is the result of a combination of HP’s global technical resource with a local, cost conscious manufacturer. These printers are simple and reliable, inexpensive to purchase and the spares are very reasonable.