FMI-6 Takt

The smart alternative

The FMI-6 Takt inline moisture meter STOP & GO system is the alternative after the withdrawal of the Hydromat DMT 8 of Gann and the takt system of Bess Bollman from the market.



  • FMI-6 Takt L101 (longitudinal transport of the wood)
  • FMI-6 Takt X404. (Transversal feed of the wood)

Both configurations includes Operating unit and sensor, commissioning and training.


Technical information

  • Speed: max. 30 boards per minute
  • Languages: 20 including English, German, Russian, Polish, French.
  • Sorting levels: too dry / ok / too wet
  • Marking set: optional
  • Signal lamp: included
  • Report software: included
  • Screen: touchscreen module with 7” graphical display for easy operating

The advantages

  • Contactless measurement of wood means no pins left in the wood, no problem with pins in the planer etc.
  • An objective measurement of the whole board instead of a measurement at one spot only.
  • Real-time data
  • High repeatability
  • High accuracy
  • Proven track record