Brookhuis is the manufacturer and inventor of the most used In-line Moisture Meter and Strength Grading Systems in the world.

Brookhuis manufactures professional instruments. These instruments comply with international requirements and standards. Brookhuis maintains a worldwide service network of competent agents and dealers, which ensures the training of their customer’s staff and the maximum return on customer’s investment.

As market leader in the timber and woodworking industry , Brookhuis enjoys an excellent reputation. With more than 50 years of experience Brookhuis is a reliable partner, converting your requirements and desires into high-quality products.

Handheld moisture meters

The most important characteristics of the handheld moisture meters manufactured bu Brookhuis:

  •  Reproducible measuring results thanks to the application of special measuring electronics.
  •  Calibrated with many different wood species and construction materials, geared to the properties of the materials to be measured (software).
  •  The possibility of providing the moisture meters with new calibration lines so that they remain up-to-date (updates).
  •  Simple operation (thought-out design).

As a result of these characteristic features, the handheld moisture meters are known and used world-wide in the wood and construction industry.

Inline moisture content systems

Brookhuis specializes in developing and manufacturing instruments to measure the moisture content in wood and construction materials as well as machine strength grading systems to determine the strength class and stiffness of wood.

Brookhuis manufactures professional instruments. The instruments comply with international requirements and standards. With a worldwide network of competent agents and dealers our customers can be sure of expert advice and the best service.

Brookhuis not only develops and produces moisture meters and strength grading systems, it also devotes a lot of time to research.

Accessoires for the moisture meter systems

FMI Report III

FMI Report III is software to collect and store moisture data of Brookhuis inline moisture meters. The software automatic generates batch wise reports and can store the moisture data of single boards to a linked SQL database. The software enables the possibility to optimize the production process, reduce costs and improve quality.

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Marking system

With the Brookhuis FMI systems the moisture content of every single piece of wood is measured and compared to user set limiting values. Depending on the type of FMI system as well as the operating software or firmware, marking systems or indicating systems can be connected.


Complementary products

Temperature probes

Probe set for measuring the moisture content in floorings
Reference resistor for checking the calibration of the FMC, FME and FMD6 moisture meters
Reference block for checking the calibration of the FMW moisture meters.
Non Insulated  and Insulated measuring pins
and more