Inspekto solutions

Any location, layout or deployment format

The INSPEKTO S70’s versatility, immediacy and deployment simplicity provide the ultimate flexibility to meet your present and future production models and QA needs.
The Inspekto solution provides multiple types of solutions and can be fitted in a variety of settings.

Multi-purpose inspection station

A stand-alone inspection station to support multiple lines or manual handling, inspecting wide range of different products – from inspection of incoming goods, to final quality inspection of finished products



Mobile quick response

Immediately addressing urgent, or foreseen quality monitoring/quality assurance needs, the Inspekto system can be mobilized quickly from one spot to another with minor overhead and setup efforts


Mass deployment – a cornerstone to Industry 4.0 revolution

Inspekto versatility, ease of use and affordability makes a difference – it allows for a wide deployment of visual monitoring of full production processes, end-to-end.
It lets you enhance the depth of data you gather on your manufacturing floor that does not exist today.

Just imagine the impact on your bottom line from the analytics & insights such actionable quality intelligence can provide.

Mass deployment of Inspekto solutions is setting the foundation for actively managing product quality as well as improving & predicting production process in a completely new dimension.