Opti-soft software

Opti-Soft is a Russian IT-company, established at Petrozavodsk State University. The staff includes over 80 qualified specialists with extensive experience in IT as well as in forestry, timber and pulp-and-paper industries
The company has developed a line of software systems for optimal planning that consistently covers the main production processes of a forestry enterprise from forest management and logging to shipment of finished goods:


The Opti-Wood system is designed for efficient planning of logging and wood transport operations


The new Opti-Supply system is designed for wood supply departments


The Opti-Sawmill system is designed for production planning at sawmills 


The Opti-Plywood system is designed to plan the production of plywood and plywood veneer


The Opti-Storage system was developed to optimize the warehouse and management


The Opti-Paper system is designed to optimize the production of paper / cardboard


Opti-Loading system optimizes forestry goods shipment


The Opti-Corrugated system is an end-to-end system for corrugated board mills