Strength grading handhelds

Brookhuis has a unique product range of strength grading systems, all provided with a unique TGT technology developed in cooperation with wood specialists of leading International institutes.  From handheld to high speed.

Timber Grader MTG: Multi usable low cost

This system is used by renowned institutes and universities, worldwide.
The convenient  wireless Timber Grader MTG is very user-friendly and can be used virtually anywhere, any time and for anything. Whether it is for strength grading timber to be purchased or processed, sorting of wood in strength classes, or for research and education.

MTG handheld device

The performance of the Timber Grader MTG is comparable to that of mechanical grading systems and gives significant  better grading than visual strength grading. As a result more timber ends up in a higher grading class. The Timber Grader MTG measures both hardwood and softwood and it can be used anywhere in the world by upgrading it with additional strength class licences.

How does it work?

The Timber Grader MTG is an ergonomic (sensor) measuring instrument with an LCD display that is placed against the wooden beam. When the trigger button is pressed, it sends a sound-wave (signal) through the beam. The specially developed Timber Grader software converts these sounds-waves into measurement results quickly and without errors.

These results can then be transferred to a standard PC or laptop without requiring a cable. One of the many options is a simple analysis of the measurement data.
This is important for quality inspections and certification requirements, for example.

Product versions

Brookhuis offers the following handheld products:

  • Timber Grader MTG 820
  • Timber Grader MTG 860: including scale
  • Timber Grader MTG 920: for CE marking according to EN14081 standard
  • Timber Grader MTG 960: for CE marking according to EN14081 standard, including scale

Contents of a MTG set

A Timber Grader MTG set consists of:

  • Ergonomic microprocessor driven handheld instrument “MTG” with menu-driven software
  • “Timber Grader” software program for setting the handheld MTG and for storage and reporting of measurement data on a PC
  • Prediction of static MoE in N/mm2
  • Calibration set
  • Bluetooth communication adapter
  • User and installation manual
  • CE and FCC approval of the equipment


The Timber Grader MTG can be extended with the following options:

  • Licences for strength class prediction according to different international standards
  • Natural frequency in Hz
  • Balance (scale)
  • Laptop with preinstalled Timber Grader software and Bluetooth communication