IR Technology

The IR Series of moisture analyzers are a Moisture Measurement and Control System designed for the continuous monitoring of your product using Near-Infrared Reflectance (NIR) techology. It’s rugged design provides accurate, real-time and non-contact measurements in the most demanding manufacturing environments.

The IR Instruments


Premium grade IR analyzer designed exclusively for online coating thickness measurements including constituents of coat weight and basis weight.


Sensortech’s IR technology is a valuable resource for industrial manufacturers requiring a system of measurement and control within their product.


The NIR-6800 Series Moisture Analyzers are designed for the continuous monitoring of tobacco moisture, nicotine, sugar, and other constituents.


Chemical and Mineral applications having low optical reflectance properties are ideally suited for the NIR-6700 Series Moisture Analyzers.


The NIR 6500 Series of IR Laboratory Moisture Analyzers facilitate methods of experimentation, testing, research, and analysis in controlled environments.


The Explosion Proof Series of IR moisture analyzers provide an advanced level of protection from hazardous environments and meet the compliance standards of most regulatory bodies.


The IP67 rating of the NIR-6300 Series has been developed to withstand severe wash-downs, excessive dust environments, and to protect it against the effects of immersion.


The NIR-6200 Series serve a specialized purpose for manufacturers having specific application requirements.


The NIR 6100 Series of On-Line IR Moisture Analyzers are designed for food grade applications.


The NIR-6000 Series of moisture analyzers are a Moisture Measurement and Control System designed for the continuous monitoring of your product using Near Infrared Reflectance (IR) technology.