Accounting for round timber. Log measuring

For effective process control in modern conditions specialists of the timber industry need accurate and objective information about the quantity, volume, quality and dimensional characteristics of processed raw materials. For control and monitoring, this information should be presented according to different time intervals, and these data should always be on hand, for the appropriate services it should be available on the local network in online mode. For distributed enterprises with branches or with head management companies, it should be access to information and also through the Internet. Automated accounting of round timber promptly in real-time shows how the performance and the rhythm of the sawmill and carries information about the useful output and efficiency of the sawmill.

The introduction of an automated system solves this problem. Log measuring device VEKTOR registers, accumulates and maintains such information in real-time, thus minimizing the subjective factors when determining the geometrical log dimensions. Besides reducing costs related to the organization of accounting by hand payback of implementation of this accounting system VEKTOR with one-shift operation is less than a year, even without taking into account factors such as the increase in the accuracy and objectivity of accounting information.

The number of counting stations can be different for different companies. This is due to the existing processing scheme of feeding.

Our specialists have years of experience in the development, production, implementation, service and support of accounting systems in various enterprises of the raw timber industry. We put into operation the first electronic measurement device in 1990. Now comes a fifth-generation of log scanners which features a simple and reliable design, improved software, the ability to install on all types of conveyors, advanced communication interfaces with a PC and top-level controllers, including Ethernet. Connection to the PC is via Ethernet. This can be a full-time local area network or a separate subnet with a PC on which the software of accounting systems is installed. The structure of software includes a program “ARM of shift master,” a database under control of  MS SQL Server, Web-server to generate and view reports, service programs. The scanner is reliable, so it can operate for years in terms of vibration, dust and extremes of temperature without the need for maintenance. It only needs periodically to clean the optical target of foreign objects (pieces of bark, wood chips, etc.)

All the information necessary for the operation of the system is stored in a single database under the control of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition R2. Database capacity is 8 Gb, which allows storing information for each log accumulated over several years. (other versions of SQL Server are possible). Physically, the server can be located in the operating room directly on the PC of the foreman, and on a dedicated server. At the request of the customer, we can install two databases, one of which is installed on a PC connected with log scanners, the other is in a convenient location for operational control, even in another city or country. Database synchronization is configured by replication tasks.

The reports are designed as a web-based interface with the application of modern technology AJAX. The convenience and flexibility of the interface provide customizable and visual output report forms, which can be accessed either through the company’s network or via the Internet, with a password. In the workplace, users need only a web browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera. Built-in authentication system allows users to distinguish between the rights of users parameters viewing and editing, viewing reports. You can integrate the system with existing systems, the correct level of, for example, “1S” or other systems based on SQL Servers.

A special program PLC Setup was developed to configure scanner  VEKTOR. it has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to make the correct setting by means of MSR  without the help of experts of the manufacturer.

Customizable options respond to the accounting rules – a way of diameters and lengths rounding, the correction for the bark (the equation of linear regression), allowance for length, volume table. The system fully meets the parameters of GOST 2708-75 and GOST R 52117-2003. Round timber. Methods of measurement.

The second question that arises from a potential customer of log measuring device VEKTOR – is it possible to apply it in our products and where to install it. The biggest part of companies is equipped with transporters with longitudinal single-piece log feeding. There are conveyors at the entrance of the sawmill and at plywood factories, it’s feeding in the shop of barking and bucking or conveyors to feed chunks in veneer peeling machine. In most cases, the log scanner “Vector-2010” can be installed on any longitudinal conveyor. Installation is made without stopping the conveyor, it does not matter, it’s a chain or belt conveyor, high or low traverse, horizontal or inclined conveyor. Software embedded into the log scanner VECTOR confidently eliminates interfering factors, and provide accurate measurements. Repeatability for acceptance of the same party of logs rarely exceeds 1% (which is the main indicator of the work of the accounting system). Operational restrictions – logs must be fed by the piece with the appropriate minimum space between ends, the chain of log conveyor should be uniform, i.e it should have the same pitch of units across the log. Often the accounting system has additional requirements. Log scanner also has various additional functions. One of the current applications is giving a signal when detecting the diameter larger than the equipment allows. Another widely used function – determining the direction of movement of the log “butt-end”, is used to control the reversal devices. On the feeding line for sawing (processing), there are butt reducers like Bruks, in this case, the scanner works as a device for automatic detecting of the buttress and switching cutters of butt reducing. . On the plywood mills scanners, VECTOR often are part of an automated system of timber sorting for peeling lines.