Web-service for optimization of goods shipment (rolls, packages of sawn timber, pallets) in transport (wagons, trucks, containers)

The Opti-Loading service enables automatic solution of a complex of tasks related to the choice of vehicles and loading finished goods. 

The service enables to optimally distribute finished goods (rolls of paper/cardboard of various formats and diameters, as well as pallets and boxes or mixed load) to vehicles: containers, wagons, trucks.

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Opti-Loading uses unique mathematical models and algorithms to calculate optimal loading schemes, including:

  • optimal plans for mix load (rolls, pallets)
  • non-standard loading schemes for wagons, trucks, and containers
  • the most appropriate set of wagons/containers for selected load volume
  • optimal load for the given set of vehicles
  • the order of loading/unloading, the possibility of adding load
  • stiffness and balance of cargo placement, axle weight, etc.
  • geometric dimensions and carrying capacity of the transport
  • dimensions and location of the gate (at the end of a container, in the middle of the side wall of a wagon), the slope of the wagon roof
  • recommendations on additional loading


  • Increasing the efficiency of transport loading by 4…5%
  • Compliance with requirements for balancing and stiffness of cargo placement, loading order, axle weight, etc.
  • The service can be used as a stand-alone product (including via the Web-interface), or as a plug-in to an existing accounting or MES-system
  • Reduction of transportation costs by 3…4%
  • Support of multi-user mode with various functions and access rights


  • The system has a user-friendly interface,
  • Can be easily customized for any type of vehicle,
  • Provides users with all necessary reference information,
  • Automatically generates printed and electronic documents