The NIR 6500 Series of IR Laboratory Moisture Analyzers facilitate methods of experimentation, testing, research, and analysis in controlled environments. IR Laboratory Moisture Analyzers can be used independently or in conjunction with Sensortech’s process or hand-held instruments.


Simply placing your product sample in the test bed or turn-table interface provides a static measurement isolated from variations caused by manufacturing environments. The NIR 6500 Series Analyzers are ideally suited for benchmarking your production process or for autonomous product analysis.


Integrating moisture measurement and control into your process is a simple task with the IR Series moisture analyzers. A wide range of communication protocols are available for a networked multi-sensor configuration or as a stand-alone instrument.


As shown below, many clients find that an IR Series Analyzer mounted on a base and stand provides a greater level of flexibility as a cost effective alternative to the NIR-6500 Laboratory Analyzer. All IR Series Analyzers include a Management Software package having a Laboratory Interface for product analysis.


  • Innovative Optical Design
    The IR Series optical design provides a foundation of measurement stability and reliability. High precision tolerances of machined parts and alignment of optical components ensure optimal performance.
  • Single-Point, Dual-Purpose Detector
    The long established Quadrabeam Principle combines the measurement light path and the direct (prime) light path onto a single detector eliminating variations due to aging and operating temperature more effectively than expansive matched dual detector products. The large surface area detector (10mm sq.) minimizes error due to product height variation.
  • Collimated Energy Source
    Effective use of power dramatically increases optical efficiency enabling the instrument to run significantly cooler. The reduced operating temperature inherently reduces stress on electronics and power supplies, increases the life of the instrument and further reduces costs associated with added temperature conditioning.
  • Optimized Electronic Signal Conditioning
    Oversampling, 16-bit resolution and multiple-level digital filtering minimize signal noise. Proprietary design and state of the art electronic technology further enhances instrument performance.


All IR products manufactured by Sensortech Systems, Inc. are warranted against defects in material an workmanship for a period of two years from the date of shipment. In the event any product manufactured by Sensortech Systems, Inc. proves to be defective during the warranty period, it will be repaired free of charge.