Log optimization software - Saws Optimization

This program is intended for industrial engineers and it’s a means for optimizing the sawing and getting the maximum useful yield. The program has user-friendly and flexible settings and an intuitive interface, which greatly facilitates program installation and further work with it.

The input data for the program are:

  • Log dimensions 
  • Required timber cross-section and its cost. 
  • Characteristics of sawmill equipment.

Based on these data, the program offers a choice of sawing schedule, which can be realized on this equipment and ensures the maximum yield or maximum value of the products.

Saws Optimization Professional is a new step in sawmill optimization

SawsOptimization Professional is a new generation of software that is offered as a standalone product and as part of an integrated solution for ideal sawing optimization, based on the principle of “smart sorting”.

SawsOptimization Professional allows you to perform the calculation of the optimal sorting table correlating each size group with sawing schedule. The calculation is done to achieve maximum yield or value of products and is performed on the basis of the required timber specification (size, price, required volume), the detailed characteristics of sawmill equipment, sorting line (number of boxes) and actual or statistical data on green timber.

Differences of SawsOptimization Professional from the base version of the program:

  • superset of sawmill equipment profiles and settings
  • board without a web (core), cutting in 3-4-5 passes (2-3 half-beam)
  • multi-user capability (simultaneous work of multiple users within one sawmill network)
  • optimization taking into account the sweep
  • group optimization for logs of various diameters
  • total yield specification for the whole log volume (based on the known sizes or statistical distribution), planning and optimization to achieve desired yields of each section
  • optimization of log sorting, automatic calculation of the sorting groups’ interval, sorting table forming for “smart sorting”

Short description of SawsOptimization Professional Program features:

  • Batched optimization for all diameters with the calculation of the optimal sawing schedule for each diameter, the total yield of sawn timber and yield by the sections.
  • Possibility to optimize in order to achieve the required yield by sections. For example, you want to get the yield of section 32×150 of at least 10%. When achieving this, the total yield falls from 52.24% to 51.83%.
  • Automatic optimization of sorting group interval, as well as the possibility to manually change the intervals and see how the change affects the yield. Example: Change of sorting group interval increased the yield up to 52.66%.
  • Possibility to choose an alternative sawing schedule for any sorting group and see how the change of sawing schedule will affect the total yield.
  • Taking into account the presence of an optimization system in edge trimmer. Different widths of the sideboards in sawing schedule.
  • Green timber distribution by diameter: the option to set waste wood in pieces on the deck by diameter, or to use a statistical distribution according to the log sorting data. Taking into account all size factors (diameter, taper) when calculating the total yield.

  • Detailed equipment profile configuration, possibility to set different profiles for different diameters.