Dimension scanner "Vektor LMS"

The scanner is designed to work in automated log sorting lines for contactless determination of the thickness, width and wane of the board. The thickness measurements are affected by laser triangulation distance sensors, width measurements – by impulse signals of the encoder. The control unit processes the sensor signals and gives the control system information about the board’s cross-section. Configuration and calibration of a scanner are made by special software.

Scanner includes a control unit, laser triangulation sensors of distance- 2 pcs., cables, incremental encoder, configuration software to set scanner, documentation.

Main technical characteristics:

  •  Measurement of board section in one place along the length of the board.
  • The error of thickness measurement + – 0.2 mm
  • The error of width measurement  + – 2 mm
  • Thickness measurement frequency   2500 Hz
  • Communication interfaces: Ethernet, RS485.
  • Operating temperature: -10 – +45 degrees C
  • Power supply: 24 VDC

Section scanner allows you to sort timber by sections with high precision on the lines with a feed rate of up to 150 boards/min