Handheld moisture meter FMC

  • The microprocessor controlled moisture meter FMC is suitable for measuring wood and construction materials.
  • The FMC measures the moisture content with an electrode that is placed in or onto the material to be measured.
  • The FMC immediately corrects the measured moisture content to “real percentages ” based on the set material and the set temperature.
  • The FMC is the ideal instrument for accurate and particularly uncomplicated measurements of various wood species and construction materials.

General information

  • Brookhuis reference calibration line
  • AS/NZS 1080.1 reference calibration line
  • Wood calibration lines per wood group (4 groups)
  • Construction material calibration lines (19 calibration lines)
  • Temperature correction for wood in steps of 1°C or 1°F
  • Temperature correction for wood from -40 up to 90°C (-4 up to 194°F)

Technical specifications

  • Resistance moisture measurement
  • Measuring range 5~99% (for wood)
  • Measuring range 0~99% (for construction materials)
  • Accuracy 0.3% (on reference material)
  • Resolution 0.1%
  • Instrument temperature range 0~50°C (32~122°F)
  • Adjustable automatic switch-off
  • Battery check, battery 9 Volt Alkaline (6LR6)
  • Dimensions 160x85x30 mm
  • Weight 260 gram (including battery)
  • Settings can be locked using a pin code

Product versions